Accountability Group



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AWE offers six-month Accountability Groups: Five or six entrepreneurs and a moderator meet once each month for 90 minutes to set goals and take the steps necessary to achieve their business objectives for the year ahead. During this process, entrepreneurs focus some much-needed attention on their own business development, setting and meeting specific, measurable goals.

If you feel stuck, overwhelmed or ready to address some of the common challenges entrepreneurs face, consider this powerful, effective and supportive process for taking your business to the next level.

This word cloud represents the most common words participants used to describe how they felt at the end of each accountability group session. Entrepreneurship entails many mixed emotions–Challenged, Happy, Excited, Nervous, Encouraged and Enlightened!

“This process gave me a true group of my peers, who helped me figure out my next steps and how to get there. I am seriously considering signing up again!”

~Michelle Scott, Director, Tutoring Club of McLean and Arlington

“Just as in AWE, but on an even deeper level, I found this group to be an incredibly safe and supportive place to honestly wrestle with my business challenges and thoughtfully manage growth, which all business owners face and is always difficult.”

~Jennifer Mulchandani, Founder & President, Arlington Strategy

“This group really showed me that taking my business seriously and professionally is worth it and important. The group was a great place for feedback and ideas, and we definitely formed friendships that we might not have otherwise. Grateful!”

~Cheryl Fisher, Owner/Blogger, Little Things, Big Difference

How It Works

Humans are social animals. We are designed to interact with one another on a regular basis in a variety of ways. Accountability groups also called Mastermind Groups when made up of business owners – make use of this inherent nature by forming organizations of peers who all agree to work on certain tasks, over the course of a set schedule. For a busy entrepreneur, this can be the push most of us need to actually devote the time required to grow our businesses and reach our goals.

2015 AWE Accountability Group members celebrate completion of their two programs

AWEs Maura Fredericks of Relevant Habits lays out the process during the first meeting, providing a folder of materials you will use to set your goals and track your progress. Maura also documents each members progress and is available to group members for deeper dives as issues arise, and for follow up consulting once youve achieved your initial goals.

During the first session, group members introduce themselves and share their goals for the 6-month session. A schedule for the next five monthly dates is created, with each group member assigned the hot seat for one session. During this session, the entire group focuses and brainstorms the hot seat members goals and the steps needed to get there.

Throughout the process, group members reflect and work on their own goals during each session. At the end of each monthly meeting, non hot seat members report on where they are and how they are doing: this is the crucial accountability built in to each session.

Bonus: Maura Fredericks, AWE founder Karen Bate, CEO of KB Concepts P.R., and AWE board member Robin Gordon, CEO of Gordon and Co. CPA's, also provide one hour of executive coaching, one hour of social media guidance and one hour of personal financial advising to each participant as part of the Accountability Group process.


$625 per 6-month session
Sessions include 2-hour introductory meeting, packet of materials, five 1½-hour sessions, and one hour each of business coaching and social media support.

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