Being Awesome in a Male Dominated Workplace

As so much recent news confirms (Kamala Harris rocks!), gender bias is alive and well in the workplace. At our June AWE meeting, Senior Loan Officer Jaime Young recounted some of the blatant sexism and inappropriate behavior she has encountered in her 20 years in the male dominated mortgage broker industry — and how she overcame those challenges to rise up, succeed and thrive on her own terms.

“I could get people fired, arrested, sued and divorced for the all stories I’ve had to hear throughout my career as a mortgage banker,” Jaime shared — while at the same time often carrying a double workload and ably handling the most challenging problems for their many clients, but making less money than her male peers.

Jaime inspired us with her journey, which culminated in her own personal growth and empowerment, leading to her non-negotiable demand for equal pay and recognition for her superior contributions to the team. Awesome! Jaime, we so appreciate you sharing this very personal and inspiring story.

Big thanks to Crystal City Sports Pub for hosting our delicious lunch event (if you need a terrific private meeting space, this one can’t be beat!), and to blogger/AWE Board of Advisor member Angelica Talan for the live Instastory. And as always, to AWE Co-Founder and official photographer Evelyn Powers for these lovely images.

Save the date for our next meeting: Wednesday, September 20th, hosted by AWE member Michelle Sagatov in her beautiful home. Speaker will be Courtney Reeve, Executive Director of Aspire! Afterschool.