Membership Benefits

group meeting

“I feel like I’m part of a very powerful group of people who want to listen to me and share insights with me.”

~ Christine Searle, Searle Business Solutions, Accounting

AWE provides authentic supportive networking for awesome women entrepreneurs. These are just some of the benefits of our small group events and resources:

  • Peer to peer networking for brainstorming, mentoring and collaboration: Membership limited to five women per industry
  • Excellent speakers at each meeting addressing a variety of topics of special interest to business owners. Speakers have included Tara Palacios, Director of BizLaunch for Arlington Economic Development; County Business Ombudsman Shannon Falangan-Watson, Ted Bilich of Risk Alternatives; Wealth Management Expert Scott Greenberg; Employment and Trademark Attorney Rebecca Geller; Branding Guru Jennefer Witter; and Public Speaking Expert Jan Fox.
  • Much-needed social time to share the unique challenges and joys we all experience as women business owners
  • A member-only list of all AWE members
  • Opportunity to host an AWE event at your home or business, and to speak to other AWE chapters about your area of expertise
  • Weekly interviews with women business owners on AWE Radio;
  • Accountability/Mastermind Groups: Small groups of five or six entrepreneurs and a facilitator set goals for growth and meet monthly for six month sessions
  • Opportunity to be a guest on the AWE Radio Show and Podcast, with file that you can share later on your own website and social media.
  • AWE’s website and private Facebook Group page: Excellent resources for sharing information about entrepreneurship in general and AWE businesses in particular, as well as upcoming events, good news and success stories
  • Opportunity to support All awesome women entrepreneurs in your community by being a member of AWE!

“The friendships and connections have been the MOST important thing, that fellowship with other women who are building and thriving in their businesses is inspiring and amazing!”

~ C Lee Cawley, Simplify You, Professional Organizing